Accounting Outsourcing

VigilantOffice is revolutionizing the way companies outsource their accounting. Our VigilantDashboard allows you to see all your transactions and communications. Complete visability into your business without the need to be doing the work yourself. We break accounting transactions into two categories: Records and Other Tasks


Record based processing is the execution of a series of steps based on an actionable piece of paper (or pdf). A bill from a vendor, a check from a customer, a bank statement, a packing slip (incoming), a waybill (outgoing) are all RECORDS that require action in your accounting system.
Customers of Vigilant Office simply stack up all of the paper they receive, and scan it (in bulk) to Vigilant Office. You DO NOT have to name your scanned files with any special format, you do not have to isolate the type of paper you receive, you can scan as many records as you wish into one file. Once received, Vigilant Office will break out each invidiual record into its own pdf file, record additional data about the file into our database, and code it to the appropriate custom workflow process. Through Vigilant Dashboard, you have web based access to summarized roll ups all work status. You will know exactly how many scans are awaiting processing by VigilantOffice, how many records are unstarted, inprogress etc.. You can also drill down into any specific record to get additional detail about its status.
If supported by your accounting system, we will also create a hyperlink from the record we generate in your accounting system, directly to the specific record page in our system that started it all. For example  all of your bill entries in your accounting system will have a direct hyperlink to the pdf (and associated communication) of the vendor invoice you received. We are happy to put a copy of all data onto your server, and update any additional/changed data on a daily basis. With a copy of all data on your server, you will always be able to access the information / irrespective of internet availability, and you will never worry about losing the intellectual property we have created on your behalf.

Other Tasks

Recurring Tasks:
Every company has recurring tasks to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly schedule. At Vigilant Office, we define those tasks and the steps required to execute them. We upload them into our workflow management system, and execute on the pre-defined schedule. Deposits, account reconciliation, payroll, check runs, collection calls are all scheduled tasks. You can track the status and completion schedule of all tasks through ViglantDashboard.

On Demand Tasks:
Companies typically rely on their accounting group to process certain requests on demand, either based on incoming phone calls, or time sensitive emails. Incoming collection calls from vendors, new account set up (including credit checks), ship release decisions. These tasks are prioritized ahead of all other accounting functions, and are addressed immediately.


At VigilantOffice, we believe that customers should not stretch their current processes any more than necessary. All communication, while tracked and archived by Vigilant Office, uses standard email clients. You do NOT have to log onto a website to send / receive / monitor communication with Vigilant Office. All customer and vendor direct emails are captured automatically. We will send you emails (like all other vendors), and you simply respond to us in kind. If you lose or misfile an email, you can log into your Vigilant Dashboard, and see which messages are still waiting for a reply.

Have you ever tried to reconstruct the history of a given transaction? Why was this processed in this manner? Who authorized this extra discount, or why did we apply a rebate to this bill? All communication associated with every record is caputured and available to you through your ViglantDashboard.

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