Business Software

Why Netsuite

Business Integration:
Netsuite provides and end to end solution for all steps of your business process. From sales force automation through to printing your financials, Netsuite is a single application. There is no integration, and all customizations you add as your business grows (or as you uncover key areas you wish to monitor) require no adjustments to static integration solutions required of other solutions.

On Demand solution:
Netsuite is a hosted solution. It runs from any browser, on any PC. Up time, backup, maintenance and support are all taken out of the users hands. Netsuite is ready to use immediately upon purchase. You can demo a fully live system from your PC. While having a local enterprise server provides warm fuzzies to some, having a full team of experts dedicated to; ensuring the server clusters are properly load balanced; evaluating whether the emergency backup facility (150 miles away) meets the latest disaster recovery specifications and that the highest levels of network security are in place and constantly tested (vs your local firewall); go much farther in helping Netsuites 100,000+ users sleep at night.

Real time Dashbaord:
Netsuites dashboard is core to its value proposition. Having acess to all of your lead, and sales funnel data, along with your bookings, marketing survey, profit anaylsis and expense ratios, is a powerful way to spend your time. Want something else? Create a search or report and add it to your dashboard.

With the breadth of the product covering so many areas of your business, its nice to be able to add automation into your workflow. Verification of certain fields, through to adding full application into the Netsuite structure are easily achievable within this application.

Our project implmentation process

Business mapping
During your evaluation period, oue experts will work with you to ensure Netsuite can provide solutions for your business requirements. After your decision to proceed with Netsuite as your business software, we will round out the preliminary business map and provide an implmentaiton schedule for you.

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