Corporate Information

Vigilant Office was founded in 2007. We offer the ability for our customers to leverage the latest business technology trends throughout their infrastructure, without having to re-engineer their processes or integrate new technology. We allow them to skip ahead to using the data.

Our Core Values

It is our focus to create a long lasting relationship with our clients. You are the lifeline of our business. It is in both our best interests to maintain this relationship by providing you with the tools, resources and knowledge you deserve.

Focus your Corporate Strengths

Few businesses have reliable, measurable data about individual employee workload, effectiveness and throughput. This information is critical in order to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Employees feel burdened and frustrated when required to manually gather data points about their daily activities. Gather metrics but stay out of the way.

Creativity and ingenuity are expensive, and hard to find. Processing power is cheap and plentiful. Make your creative talent more cost effective by diverting some of the more remedial work to other resources. Protect your creative resources.

Manage Communication

Decisions are questioned, and answers are forgotten. Your management team is often required to reconstruct a historical series of events to understand a current situation or answer a difficult question. These events drain time and money from the corporate pool. Relying on busy employees to manually maintain a suitable audit trail is unreliable, impractical and inneffective. With our WorkFlow communication software it is built in. You can view all communication associated with any task, record or Work item. Automatically capture and index important business communication.

Processes should be 100% repeatable. If not, your employees and mangers won’t trust the process and time will be squandered with constant verification, and troubleshooting. Business processes should be 100% repeatable. In the same vein , your creative team must not be required to make the same decision twice given the same circumstance. You must have a process in place to incorporate the resolution of the exceptions back into the rules. Capture exceptions to the rules, then make better rules.

You must have a strong backbone from which you can execute, and integrate all supplemental business systems. Anchor your business with a flexible yet powerful software solution.

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