The biggest buzz word in business

Looking at data is impossible. Looking at information is critical. The step in between is often a difficult one for most businesses. When you want to look at information related to your work in progress, it requires an overhaul of your process, and typically some very intrusive, very unreliable data input process pushed onto your employees. Vigilant Office built our process from the ground up to provide full visibility to our customers. We don’t want your trust before we earn it. We want you to see how effective and responsive we are, while you physically can’t see anything. Enter Vigilant Dashboard.

Key Performance Indicators

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a small piece of real time data analysis. It is a single value, representative of your organizations performance in a critical operating area. This data may signify that you are being wasteful, that you are overworking your machines, that you are performing below capacity, or that your cost per unit is rising, and you have to find out why. Vigilant Office provides you with a full set of KPIs with regard to your outsourced business processes. How many IT issues remain unsolved? What is the average processing time to enter a vendor bill? How long does it take for record status to move from “unstarted” to “In Progress”? How many records are awaiting additional input from a vendor? With these, and many more real time KPI’s, we provide our customers a real time view of the work we are performing on their behalf. Trust comes from consistent, repeatable performance. Why trust your service provider, when you can see everything through the eyes of an automated senior manger (KPIs).

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