Vigilant Office offers a full suite of Information Technology services to business. We provide Information Technology” services, as well as a 24 x 7 Help Desk for users.

Information Technology

Emergencies happen:
Most managers know that a proactive approach to IT minimizes risk and maximizes available time. Unfortunately, planning within a small to medium business can take a back seat to pressing fires. As a result, VigilantOffice must be prepared to address all possible IT emergencies. Once the emercency is over, we will develop a basic plan for your IT environment. Reliability, maintenance, security, and disaster recovery are all critical components of a sound approach to IT. Let us solve your emergency, and help you avoid the next one.

Uncomfortable with your capability to quickly recover from a server crash? We can quickly analyze your preparedness over the phone, and if you feel we can offer value, we can prepare a proactive plan (with implementation timelines) to ensure your critical functions are safe.

Help Desk

Access 24 hour desktop phone support for your users at (888) 609-4715. Whether troubleshooting a slow computer, accessing a shared printer, installing a specialty application, creating a pivot table in Excel or simply can’t remember their password, we can help. Our technicians work closely with our senior IT staff to ensure your users don’t struggle with your computers. With VigilantOffice, we can solve those problems, so your people can stay focused on your business. Pay by the minute, so you only pay for what you use.

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