At Vigilant Office, we manage and execute all transactional processes required in your business. Any paper (or electronic) transactions are scanned in bulk and forwarded to us. We then enter a variety of infromation about the transactions, and create individual pdf documents for each record. We execute actions based on your current workflow processes, process the transacitons in your accounting system and communicate with your standard messaging tool (outlook,lotus). We provide full backups of all information onto your site daily, and if available, we will create transaction links from your business software directly to the electronic document related to the transacation (and all related communication). More Info


IT support provided by Vigilant Office ranges from help desk through to corporate infrastructure design and implmentation. Our help desk technicians are trainined to provide your users with immediate personalized assistance, while our senior technicians will consult, set up and maintain your entire LAN and server architecture (server based apps, switches, firewalls). More Info

Business Solutions

Netsuite provides and end to end solution for all steps of your business process. From sales force automation through to printing your financials, Netsuite is a single application. There is no integration, and all customizations you add as your business grows (or as you uncover key areas you wish to monitor) require no adjustments to static integration solutions required of other solutions. More Info

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